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I'm building a Totally-Awesome-Do-It-Yourself-Steam-Machine-Which-Also-Plays-Other-Media - Part 2

Welcome back, my friends, to our epic project. Today we’ll finish what we started some days ago (some more as planned, I know, I know). Since we already covered which parts should go into the Totally-Awesome-Do-It-Yourself-Steam-Machine-Which-Also-Plays-Other-Media, we are now free to concentrate on assembling and finally setting up the whole thing software-wise. In the end, we will have a machine that plays all of our video- and audio-entertainment via XBMC, and all of our games via Valve’s Steam. And the best part: all will be fully controllable with a DualShock 4 Controller from the PlayStation 4. Why? Because we can! Let’s doooo iiiiiiit…

I'm building a Totally-Awesome-Do-It-Yourself-Steam-Machine-Which-Also-Plays-Other-Media - Part 1

Hello friends,

before my ambitious and equally mysterious "DDB"-Project finally starts (soon!), I want to write about an other long-awaited venture of mine. Some weeks ago I purchased one of those fancy Lightpacks which was meant to be working with my already built Home-Theater-PC on my TV. The Lightpack should have provided me with a smooth ambilight-ish touch when watching movies or TV-series at night - so far for the plan. Said PC was strong enough to play video-content at 1080p and maybe some less demanding games (or with other words: games either super-indie oder super-old for the most part). What I had to learn though was, that mentioned PC was not quite up for the challenge and denied a service beyond a stuttery unpleasant playback, when the lights were on. My BFF at that time (he still is, and will ever be, you know it, duder!) had no such problems with his setup. Why, you ask? He simply had something called a "Totally-Awesome-Do-It-Yourself-Steam-Machine-Which…