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Stranded Deep – Dave’s Diary, Day 3*

Day 3:

As you can see above, I did stick to my plan and used my brand new crude axe to the fullest today: palm trees truly did suffer under the melting pacific sun. Despite of the fact, that this was a main activity for me, I found out some other, very interesting things...let me just tease this: I am nearly able to open a monopolistic fast-food-franchise-company on my island - THIS close!

Stranded Deep – Dave’s Diary, Day 2*

Day 2:

Well, when I decided to go back to my virtual island, I noticed, that my inventory was emptier than before. Because I wouldn't dare to go into the wilds without at least a lighter in my shivering hands, I swallowed the bitter pill and relived the horrifing planecrash once more...

Stranded Deep – Dave’s Diary, Day 1*

Day 1:

Actually, I just wanted to cross the Pacific for a business-meeting. The usual stuff. But sometimes, things get weird, and some other times even weirder. Today, it’s none of those two, today my life as I knew it ceased to exist. I was on my plane and something didn’t feel quite right: the weather got worse every minute and I decided to get up and mix myself a drink at the bar. It should be the last civilized beverage for the foreseeable future, but I didn’t know that yet.