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Stranded Deep – Dave’s Diary, Day 2*

Day 2:

Well, when I decided to go back to my virtual island, I noticed, that my inventory was emptier than before. Because I wouldn't dare to go into the wilds without at least a lighter in my shivering hands, I swallowed the bitter pill and relived the horrifing planecrash once more...

Just Moments later, after drinking my Martini and diving and paddling, I found myself on yet another...boat? Yeah, this time, I noticed a wreck of a boat near the coast. Getting on board was easy and I got rewarded with some parts for a craftable engine (exciting, isn't it?), pills against illness and...drumroll please: a machete! With a big smile on my face, I finally paddled to what shall become
You've been macheted, stupid palmtree!
my new home, one beauty of an isle. Trying out my new blade, I cut down a palm tree into bits and pieces. Turns out you can make wooden sticks out of it, who would have thought...What's new is, that I found out how to craft a campfire out of it: you just need enough of said sticks. Again: who would have...okay, city-child. But cool to learn these things step-by-step. And then there are the palm leafs, I think they will make a good roof for my shelter some time soon...But let's not get ahead of ourselves!

Next thing was a failed climbing attempt, which led to an inner dialog of the "I think I broke something"-kind. I sure hope this doesn't lead into some serious problems in the future. But lets hope for the best. Eating and drinking was meanwhile done with the help of the good ol' coconuts. And yeah, of course I tried some dead crab, uncoocked. The screen turned greenish and I could almost feel my stomach hurt. Whilst running back to my camp (aka pile of stuff, from sticks, rocks, engine parts, and so on) it vanished. Don't know if THAT will lead to problems in the future either. But I wouldn't be surprised, if I end up as a green corpse with a gigantic swollen leg. For future archeologists to find and study.

isn't it romantic? Let's throw some crabs into the fire and
watch what happens #strandedpeopleEntertainment

Meanwhile, the sun set and the moon immediately showed up on the opposite side. And man, what can I say, the lighting in this virtual world is something else: very atmospheric, I hit the screenshot-
button multiple times during today's survival-action. Even "action" is said too much: there are no zombies or other creepy creatures in this game, as far as I know: just nature, which also get pretty cruel, I guess. But as of now, there are no immediate dangers, I just enjoy life here. To end the day, I decided to get to know my lit up fireplace a bit better. It is good to keep me warm and dropping crabs and coconut-piecec into the flames didn't do the trick. I think I'll need some sort of pan in the future. Okay then, since I'm not starving yet, enjoy the night and till tomorrow, folks!

Oh just one more thing: I stumbled upon a way to make a crude axe out of stuff: good for cutting down trees, the tooltip says. Well, guess what island gets deforestated tomorrow!

*Stranded Deep is available now as a Steam Early-Access-Game for currently EUR 14,99. You can find it here

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