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Stranded Deep – Dave’s Diary, Day 3*

Day 3:

As you can see above, I did stick to my plan and used my brand new crude axe to the fullest today: palm trees truly did suffer under the melting pacific sun. Despite of the fact, that this was a main activity for me, I found out some other, very interesting things...let me just tease this: I am nearly able to open a monopolistic fast-food-franchise-company on my island - THIS close!

When I started the day, I began to cut trees into pieces, not yet knowing, which wonderful stuff I was going to be able to built out of it. So, I gathered sticks, lashing, rocks palm branches, threw them onto one big pile and then there it was: suddendly, I could craft a hammer. Recalling early childhood-experiences, I was pretty sure that this would be a rather useful tool. So as I gently swung said
just imagine the Metroid-jingle now, that thing when you get new equipment!
hammer in my hardworking hands, I noticed that my ressource pile began to shimmer bluely. I finally discovered a whole new level of building-opportunities: Full of excitement, I opend the menu and read one entry: foundation! Not fully realizing that my heart instinctively began to accept this place as a new home, I immediately crafted a foundation like a badass: right next to one of the spared palm trees seemed a good place for it.

The foundation was not very spectacular to look at, to be honest. It was not much more than some wood on the ground, in an rectangular shape...but I was happy anyways. What next, i thought. Yeeeeeah, as of now, I don't really know, to be honest. Maybe my deposit lacks additional material to go beyond that. So, I tried to find something else on my beautiful island. Hm, a destroyed wooden boat on the beach...crabs...more palm trees, rocks...a potato plant....more coconu...wait, what? There
Potato. Food. Because. Classic Stranded Deep, dude!
really was a potato plant next to the beach! I hectically destroed it, like a normal person would do, and exposed some, well...potatoes! Here is, what I have found out concerning these so far: you can eat them untreated. You can literally watch the plant grow within moments and then do your dirty work again with cutting it down and harvesting it (pretty sure, the game took some artistic freedom here!). You can...throw them on the ground, and pick them up. You can...that's all I know so far. But as soon as I can make little sticks out of them and crafted my deep fryer, boom, there I will have my fast-food-chain. But until then, I admire them purely for being mine.

What else happened? Nothing more too earth-shattering, but there was at least one more thing: a bed. I crafted a bed. And I managed to sleep in it (only possible at night, you bet I tried!). Since I have no
foundation (left), bed (right). Currently useless (left). Probably useful (right)
clue how to get some biological feedback from my body, I make sure to visit this place from time to time, could be good for general level of sanity and stuff. I want to end my day with telling you my plans for the future: since there seems to be a lack of additional material here, I plan to enter my little life boat again and visit another island. Maybe I will find something useful, a sattelite-telephone or whatever...

*Stranded Deep is available now as a Steam Early-Access-Game for currently EUR 14,99. You can find it here

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