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Stranded Deep – Dave’s Diary, Day 1*

Day 1:

Actually, I just wanted to cross the Pacific for a business-meeting. The usual stuff. But sometimes, things get weird, and some other times even weirder. Today, it’s none of those two, today my life as I knew it ceased to exist. I was on my plane and something didn’t feel quite right: the weather got worse every minute and I decided to get up and mix myself a drink at the bar. It should be the last civilized beverage for the foreseeable future, but I didn’t know that yet.

As I walked back to my seat, I already felt a heavy weight on my soul, and next thing I know it is me, diving in an underwater tunnel which once has been the interior of my plane. Flames and bursting floods fought against each other, while I knew only one direction: up, up to the moonlight. As I reached the surface, my eyes gazed over burning pieces of wreckage and finally they halted at a rescue vessel. I entered it and managed to paddle away from the heat. As the next day began, I could see a small island: if I didn’t want to end as a nourishing meal for a shark, I had to reach that. As I finally set my feet on the ground, I checked my pockets for useful stuff: a lighter, a knife, a waterbottle. Okay, better than nothing. Not knowing anything about survival, I began to collect branches, killed little crabs and learned how to climb up trees. The latter activity had two positive effects: I managed to spot other islands for further exploration, and I could get my hands on some coconuts. What I learned then was that some treatment with my knife made said coconuts drinkable. Some more usage of my shiv and they became edible. Nice. I don’t know how to make a fireplace yet, and the sun begins to settle. I hope this nightmare is over soon!

*Stranded Deep is available now as a Steam Early-Access-Game for currently EUR 14,99. You can find it here

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