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There are two new heroes approaching...

Hello duders,

today I proudly announce a new project of mine, namely a new blog! Its name is...

and it will be about all kinds of entertainment, especially stuff which can be done cooperatively. My BFF and I thought about that a while ago and today we finally sat down and just DID IT. In the future, we will highlight there what is hot (and not) in the realm of co-op-games (but also movie and TV-series) - always under the premise "is it fun for two?".  

 "Does this mean you cut your loose ends and abandon your fellow readers of this very blog here in the darkness of the interwebs?" NO, of course not! There is plenty opportunity for me to still write new articles here as well. Why don't we just look at it like that: what Let's Read About It is for the lonesome wolf in all of us (sipping at the entertainment-cup all by himself, from time to time), that is Coopmaniacs for the party-people (or the crazy uncle at family celebrations...yes, the one who gets creepingly near, completely ignoring your sphere of privacy). I think you get the idea!

So, let's all meet at the other side site! And here, of course!


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