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Stranded Deep – Dave’s Diary, Day 4*

Day 4:

Dearest Diary,
 today, I have learnt some valuable life-lessons! First of all, I wanted to check out my surroundings in more detail, more exactly: the infamous neighbor-islands. So, I packed some food and beverages in my Hello-Kitty-Backpack and off I went...oh what an horrible idea...

The first few meters on the water were a breeze, but soon the pharmacy of the seven seas showed up, bossing me around with their fancy multi-rowed set of teeth! Uuuuh, big whoop! But not just since Sharknado we all know not to underestimate these grey creatures. So I continued to paddle, carefully.
luckily, I am surrounded by very thin rubber: as we all know: the
most effective material against sharks. I feel safe!
And if there was a button for unsuspicious whistling, I sure would have pressed it, multiple times. But there was none and so I was happy when my feet touched the ground of a brand new island! Man, what a sight. Man, what a disappointment. Not only had it the same shit as my old one, it also was super small and better to be looked at by my back. So I soon set the sails again (though I had none, of course, it was paddling-time again) and already had another destination in plain sight.

I tried to focus on some significant landmarks to get myself oriented - I wanted to find my way back home after all...home, I said it. Strange feeling. Whilst paddling, I felt pretty amazing because of my neat sailor-skills. As I approached the second new island, I noticed a ship-wreck and thought to myself "nice, just like at my home-isle! Turns out, it WAS my home-isle. I don't know, whether I turned the wrong direction between the second shark and the sandbar...or did I...I don't know. Fact
was, that I was hungry. Not because I felt it, no, because a little textbox in my peripheral field of
Me dying? Not on my watch!
vision clearly told me so. Also, some strange beeping entered my ears, and it got more frequent (and annoying) over time. What I then found out was earth-shattering and phenomenal: I had a wristwatch. And even one of the "you-can-look-at-me"-kind. Moments later, I was not only able to see the total amount of days already suirvived. No, I also could see some vitality-stats, hence: the beeping. It should warn me when my last moments on earth are about to happen. There is a stat for hunger, one for thirst and one completely empty. I think, that one is sanity. But who really needs that, am I right, Wilson?

*Stranded Deep is available now as a Steam Early-Access-Game for currently EUR 14,99. You can find it here

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