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Stranger Things (TV Show, Netflix)

Did you enjoy movies like Super 8 or E.T.? Well, chances are, you already know about this new show from Netflix called Stranger Things. But in case you don't, consider reading my little recap here, you won't regret it...

Last night I fired up Netflix once again, as one does from time to time - Stranger Things have happened, right? Heh, sorry about that one! I was in the mood for something new and so I decided to give that new mystery-ish show a chance and boy oh boy, what shall I say? First of all, fear not, as I will pay attention to not spoil anything here.

 I watched the first two episodes and to get that right out of the way: this might be my favourite new TV show release of this year, if not longer. The plot revolves around a little American town in the 80's - the kind where everybody sorts of has a history with everybody else and either went to school together or was the teacher or something - you catch my drift! Maybe think of it as a less weird version of Twin Peaks. The main characters are both a group of kids, teenagers and adults alike - and this is where the show especially shines: the casting is top notch and everyone seems to be born for his or her individual role! Characters to root for are easily likeable, foes are troubling and arguably the most famous one of the cast - Winona Ryder - is a joy to watch. I, for example, would have loved to high-five the one responsible for casting that little boy with the enormous tooth gap. He's a good-hearted kid with a mix of goofy, anxious and naive behaviour and the one nearest to a comic-relief part in a story with plenty of saddening moments.

Speaking of story, another field of expertise of this show! Not to give away anything crucial, let me just say that it involves a mysterious department dealing with energy matters and those sorts of things, which has a complex of buildings near the town. A complex with high fences and top secret stuff inside, if you know what I mean. Things develop as they do and the townspeople get accidentally intertwined in very disturbing things. Stranger Things manages to send you chills up your spine from time to time, consider that before starting it. But it also is a beautifully crafted piece of art about friendship, relationships, coming of age and dealing with loss and mental illness. As I adore it for that, I also love the soundtrack so far, with classic Rock/Pop-titles and (what I think at least) original tracks as well. It all flows together to a joyride back into the 80's and while watching you realise, that you are witnessing the emergence of an instant-classic.

- Stranger Things is an intellectual property of Netflix

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